Our Animals


Branch BirchBark

Branch is a 4 year old Boxer-CattleDog mix. He is the happiest boy around the ranch! Don't let his underbite scare you he is just smiling!! When a job needs to be done, you can make sure Branch will be there! Branch is Kats working partner.


Ranch Dogs

Well... kind of.


Miss Eloise Oreo

Ellie is a 1 year old Vietnamese Potbelly-KuneKune pig. She may be small but she is mighty! Friendly as they come and always happy to have a scratch behind the ears! Just don't tell her she isn't a dog!!! She is usually in the small barn paddock hanging out in the shade!


Joey Bean

Joey is a 6 year old mix. A true working dog. Teaming up with Branch they make a great team! Herding Horses, goats and occasional campers. He likes to sit on the outskirts and watch the goings on. Joey is Myas working partner..



Zephyr is a 6month old Boxer puppy. He is growing fast and loves farm life. Water hoses, running through tall grass and meeting new friends are his favorite things. He is Kats newest partner.

Link is a 4 month old Golden Reteriver. Splashin in puddles, laying in the middle of the feed room and seeing all the peoples is Links favorite things. He is Myas newest working partner

Our Lesson Horses



11yr old Dutch Warmblood Gelding 
17.3 h
Ferdinand is a Dressage horse that knows all the moves. He teaches the more experienced riders. Owned by: Mya Syuflick


PS. One Hot Romance

7yr old AQHA & Paint Gelding
Romeo is trained in Western Pleasure riding. He is smooth as butter and happy to work with you. *Not Av for Lease*



17yr old QH Gelding. 
16.3 hands
Steve is the newest guy around here. He is Kats newest project. Lets watch him bloom!


Nana Lupine

20yr old Haflinger Mare
Nana is the first horse many children ride here at Wildflower. Nana takes her job of mentoring the smallest of riders seriously.  Sweet and slow is Nanas motto!!

NOT Available for half lease

Black Pearl


18 yr old Appendix Mare
15.2 hands
Pearl is sweet and slow. Point her in a direction and off you go!



Mini Horse Mare
8 years old
Our smallest member here at Wildflower. Standing at 36inches tall and our free-roamer on the ranch. No riding Pixel she is just to small!! She is our real My Little Pony! 



Mini-Horse, Mare
8years old
Button loves to be brushed and go for long walks. She is the daughter of Molly.

*Owned by Cindy Mains



Molly is as sweet as Minis come. She leads the way with our adventure walks. Molly teaches our 3and 4 year olds the basics of riding. she also pulls carts! She is so much fun to have on the farm! 

*Owned by Cindy Mains


Southern View Eli

12year old Percheron
Eli is one of the biggest here on the ranch. He love to be pampered and a good workout. Dont let his size fool you, he just a big puppy. 


Lady Malarkey of the Wildflower  "Lark"

Lark is our first born Foal here at the Wildflower. Born to Freya on St. Pattys day eve. She came out ready to run! She is curious, smart and oh so sweet! 

Small Barn Critters


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